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An updated website is a healthy website

In this post I would like to share why it is important to update your website, the perks you gain from it and also easy ways to keep your website updated. Perks • Useful accurate and reliable info for people that visits your site. Whether they’re looking for trusted service or products comparisons they want to obtain information that’s helpful and current. That gains you some trust from potential clients, clients that is likely to return. • Not only do people notice that your site is up to date and reliable, but search engines do as well. Search engines notice…

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6 Reasons why you should have a healthy online presence

Famous filmmaker, writer, actor and musician Woody Allen said that 80 Percent of success is just showing up. Is your business showing on the web and if so, is the information about your business accurate and and trustworthy. It’s no doubt that having an online presence is essential in every business owner’s arsenal. Being well represented online is necessary to becoming successful in most industries. Building a presence online is easy. All you need is a simple website packed with good information about your products and services then create profiles in the different social media sites such as Facebook and…

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