When you would like to get your website on Google page 1 you have to start blogging!

Why blogging is your way to the top op page 1 on Google.

Many South African businesses are still not blogging, to get them on the no 1 spot of Google under the paid Ads. Why pay for Google ads when your website can be on top of the organic rankings?
Many businesses still believe in link building and hiring overseas companies that will do a link blast for you for a 100 Dollars. The problem is that they use automated software that links your site to any site. This is a bit risky. I once hired an Indian Freelancer and my website link landed on a dodgy Adult site. I immediately fired the guy!
After having no results with Link building campaigns that cost me an arm and a leg and a lot of headaches I decided to do my website SEO myself.
Our website is built in WordPress and luckily this gave me access to the back end where there is a fantastic built in all in one SEO Pack. I Googled the use of the SEO pack and quickly got the hang of it. I entered in my main keywords for which people search locally and optimised every page for specific keywords.
I worked according to White hat principles and in weeks to come I saw our website on Google page 1. Then I decided to start Blogging and I wrote my first blog in November 2013.
I started blogging consistently and soon I was above my local competitors in rankings. After the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, the goal was to have frequent, fresh, high-quality content and this is why blogging is so important.
Google is looking for  active websites on a particular topic. If you’re graphic designer, for example, a static listing of your services will penalise your website rankings. It has to be updated frequently. You have to see that your content doesn’t get stale like old bread. Fresh content alone isn’t enough. The content you blog about  should be informative, and relevant to the topic searched. It needs to answer questions that people are looking for on the World Wide Web.

More advantages of Blogging for SEO

  1. Your website will always have fresh content and Google loves fresh content.
  2. Attracts people that may interact with you. Client interaction can give your website a higher prominence score in Google local algorithms.
  3. You will rank in Blog Searches as well as in regular keyword searches
  4. It will provide you with a voice that is your own and will give you a stage to voice your own opinion.
  5. It will develop your social media presence! A blog is a perfect tool for feeding content out onto Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  6. By posting you can spearhead future blog posts to target their  ideal keyword combinations over time.
  7. You should post frequently. At least once a week to see results.
  8. Write about interesting stuff! Don’t continuously write about the same old themes. This will bore your readers.
  9. Keep your blog posts short and sweet! Internet users prefer content that they can digest quickly and it must be interesting.

There are no short cuts to improve your rankings on Google fast. I can just advise that you start blogging today and after a few weeks you will definitely see the impact that it has on your Google rankings.
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