What should Corporate Identity development cost?

In a business meeting  with a potential  client to help them with a corporate identity  design they asked “can you give us an idea what a Corporate Identity design will cost?”

This is the question I always get from clients and it is a difficult question to answer. I normally answer   – “It depends if you want to make a lasting impression on your client and spend money or go skimpy with your budget.

I usually also use this comparison or the following:

Kim has two blind dates. One with Peter and one with Jan

I am going to sketch the scenario.

Peter wants to make a good impression with Kim on his first blind date with her. He thinks of the first impression he is going to make on Kim.

The look of your Corporate Identity can be compared to your Style you would like to present to your clients on your first date with them just like Peter who wants to make a good impression on his first date.

Well, Peter decided to go to the Mall and buy himself some new clothes. He looked at his budget and new how much he was prepared to spend. He went to a certain chain store and bought himself a DKNY mens branded pants and a branded Polo shirt, he also bought himself a pair of Dune round toe leather lace up brogue shoes. He was well prepared for this Blind date. That evening he had a nice shower. He put on his brand new clothes and after shave and off he went on his Blind Date… You can imagine what Kim thought when she met Peter…..

A Corporate Identity can be compared to this Scenario. A well designed professional Corporate Identity will make a lasting impression on a client if you meet them for the first time.

Okay, so Jan also had a date with Kim and he looked in his cupboard took out his favorite washed out jeans and Mr P, T-shirt, put on his P Stores shoes which he bought for a bargain the previous day looked at his face in the mirror and thought his stubble on his chin looked quite sexy and thought Kim would like this manly look. He also heard that girls like men who smelt like men and didn’t bother to put on after shave because after all he didn’t go to the trouble to shave this evening. Off he went to meet Kim on his Blind date…


You can probably guess who had a second date with Kim afterwards….

Your Corporate Identity of your business is the Image of your company and the face of your business.

The average client wants to go skimpy on a Brand design or Corporate Identity design and I really don’t know why if it makes sense to invest in a professionally designed Brand Identity.

Our designers at Jabulani Design Studio can advise you on Corporate Identity and the importance thereof of we can even give your stale Corporate Identity which was designed 10 years ago a make over.

It’s up to you to decide. Do you want to look good or average?

Contact us now to discuss your Corporate Identity design and look you want to portray…

Tel: 012 657 1553

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