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Delivering Quality

 Battle Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps (Battle Max)

Where there is a lot of slurry to be moved, this pump most important features will save you money in the long term. They are designed for long-life, efficient operation and ease maintenance resulting in lower total cost of operation.


The shaft is designed with a short overhang to reduce shaft deflection. A case hardened shaft sleeve is being designed to protect the shaft. An optionally same size interchangeable heavy duty bearing assembly is retained on a one piece frame. Grease-purged piston rings to help seal contaminates out of bearing housing. Casing is easily assembled and disassembled form the liquid end. An optional construction for higher working pressures environment. The removable liners with interchangeable material can be positively attached with faster.


  • Centrifugal seal reduces need for gland service, and also reduces sleeve wear and possible bearing contamination.
  • The impeller is enclosed for maximum efficiency and high efficiency impeller is available on request.
  • Pump out vanes on both shrouds minimises vibration and reduces stuffing box pressure. Impellers care all interchangeable the can be manufactured form hard metal, ceramic and elastomeric
  • Liners are high chrome natural rubber and optional ultra chrome, special pH alloy urethane ceramic
  • Gland are made from stainless steel on customer requires cast iron gland can be arranged.

Download Catalogue

Battle Max Slurry Pumps 1
Battle Max Slurry Pumps 1.pdf (1.21MB)
Battle Max Slurry Pumps 1
Battle Max Slurry Pumps 1.pdf
Battle Max Slurry Pump 2
Battle Max Slurry Pump 2.pdf (951.58KB)
Battle Max Slurry Pump 2
Battle Max Slurry Pump 2.pdf


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