Web designers servicing Pretoria, Centurion and Johannesburg

Website designers servicing Pretoria, Centurion and Johannesburg

If you are looking for a webpage or website quote there are certain questions our web designers and web developers at Jabulani Design Studio will ask the client before they can give a formal website design quote.

The following Questions will be asked:

Website Questionaire

Do we need to register a domain for you?
Would you like us to host your website
What is the purpose of your website?
How many pages will the website have?  Name the pages:
How many Drop Down Menus will each page have? Name the Drop Downs.
Any Special features?
For example Shopping Cart/Basket?
Do you want a Contact with enquiry form?
Do you want an animated slider on your website?
Do you want to update your site a lot?
Do you want to update it yourself?
How many pages must be updated?
Would you need a Product Gallery? – How many products must we upload for you?
Do you need copy writing or editing done on text?
Have you got your own photos or must we source images?
Do you want us to upload pdf documents for you? How many?
Would you like a Google map on your Contact page?
Would you like Google Analytics installed so that  you can track your visits?
Can we Quote you on Search Engine Optimisation for 3 months?
Any designs/ Websites you like?
Social Media
Do you want a customised Facebook Page for your website.
Do you want a Facebook feed?
Do you want a Twitter Feed?
Budget in ZAR
Anything else:

Then we would also like to know what your Budget is for your website? If you would like us to develop a professional Content Management website for yourself where you can edit your own content and upload your own text and photos
in your own time 24/7 we can definitely do a CMS Website proposal for you.

Just like buying a car you must decide if you want a Volksie a Mercedes or a Porsche. Or maybe you are in the market for a Ferrari.Unfortunately we do professional CMS websites so we won’t be able to quote you on a low cost website that will only frustrate you in 6 months.

If we quote you on a professional website, be sure you will get a website design from us that will last you minimum 3 years. If you have a budget for 3 years of R500 per month for web marketing you are looking at a cost of R18, 000 for an excellent professional website. Look at our website Portfolio to get an idea of our latest websites we have designed in 2013.

You can’t even buy a vehicle for this price and this vehicle will take your business places in the next 3 years that you can’t imagine. If our web designers at Jabulani Design Studio suggest that we build you a professional website of 5 pages where you will be able to manage your own content @ R6500 once off and still give you training, don’t freak out. If you divide it into 36 months you will be paying R180.55 per month for your effective marketing campaign. this makes you think doesn’t it?

Contact us now to give you a formal Quotation on your Company or personal website.

Tel: 012 657 1553

We are a website design company that service Pretoria, Centurion and Johannesburg area.


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