The importance of a Company Profile

In my ten years of having my own company – Jabulani Design Studio, we have seen various clients require a Company Profile Design.

I have really thought about the importance of a Company Profile and I have come to the following conclusion:

  1. A Company Profile is just like a CV that an employee would represent to a future employer. In this case a Company Profile is a summary of the Company CV, what its Vision and Mission is and what it wants to achieve in the future.
  2. A Company Profile is essential for a business when a Tender must be handed in.
  3. Companies who have a professional Company Profile will stand a better change in getting chosen as the approve Service Provider than a Company that does not submit a Company Profile.
  4. It is the Business owners choice if he wants to spend a good amount of money in having a professional Company Profile designed and printed or not.

My choice will be to have a professionally designed and well thought through Business Profile, explaining my Vision and Mission and also telling the potential Client who wants to hire my services what Milestones my company has achieved and who my clients are.

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