Introducing Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Connect with your target market by utilising the power and reach of Search Engine (Google) Marketing. Jabulani Design Studio offers comprehensive SEM Solutions to help your business become more successful.

SEM consists of both:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the search engines’ organic or unpaid search results. Since you can expect more than 90% of searches to be done via Google, all SEO efforts should be focused mainly on dominating Google’s search results.

What is PPC Advertising?

A PPC ad is a purchased listing in the search engine results where you only pay when someone clicks on your link. Google Adwords is the leading provider of PPC Advertising and provides businesses with the fastest way to get their site on the first page of Google.

Why you want to combine SEO and PPC?

The most primary benefit of combining SEO and PPC is added exposure on the search engine results pages (SERPs). As the organic search results are responsible for 70% of the clicks and PPC ads for the remaining 30%, by combining them you are guaranteed up to 100% of the traffic. Another goal of PPC advertising is to research which keywords your customers use to find your product or service.

Example of a Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

In the example below you can see the Google SERP for the keywords “electrician pretoria”. The top and right-hand listings are paid results from Google Adwords, followed by the organic listings.

As you can see the website is ranking in the first spot of the organic results for the keywords “electrician pretoria”. Because they are at the top their website should get the most visitors from this search.

Why your website needs SEO?

Professional SEO is a cost effective long term process which will help your website climb to the top of the search engines. High organic rankings will dramatically increase the number of visitors to your website. Additional visitors to your website will in due time generate new revenue opportunities.

Why your website needs PPC Advertising?

Google Adwords is the fastest way to deliver targeted traffic relevant to your business website within minutes. Because you only pay for each click through to your website, you stay in control over your marketing budget. In addition you can target specific geographical areas where your ads will be displayed.

Do you have an existing Google Adwords Campaign?

Let us help you optimise your existing Adwords Campaign and reach more customers. Optimisationwill significantly increase your website traffic and reduce the cost per lead.

Jabulani SEO services:

SEO consists of On-page (on your website) SEO and Off-Page (outside your website) SEO.

On-Page Professional Search Engine Optimisation:

Stage A: Analysis & planning

  • Competitive intelligence: Detailed analysis of competing websites mainly for keyword optimisation and backlink acquisition
  • Comprehensive keyword research and analysis: Identifying new target phrases and evaluating performance of existing ones
  • Keyword research: The activity of identifying specific keywords with the goal of strategically implementing these keywords thereby creating relevant search engine referrals

Stage B: Implementation

A) Content optimisation

  • Optimisation of website tags: Optimisation of all title tags, meta description tags, meta keywords tags, header tags, anchor tags, alt tags
  • Content search engine optimisation: Writing and re-writing content to both expand incoming search phrases and their organic ranking in the search engines
  • Keyword optimisation: Keyword density, weight and prominence optimisation
  • Keyword-focused pages: Design multiple informative web pages tailored to specific keywords or phrases

B) Technical implementations

  • HTML code and website design optimisation: Reducing website load time and consequently, your organic and paid search engine rankings
  • Cross browser compatibility: Testing and fine-tuning to maximise usability and visitor experience

Stage C: Monitoring & reporting

  • Monthly keyword ranking analysis & reports: Simple to read reports to follow the website’s performance in the major search engines

Off-Page Professional Search Engine Optimisation:

By using off page SEO techniques we can place external links back to your website that will help with its rankings in the search engines.

Depending on different factors, we work out a strategy using a combination of the following methods to accomplish powerful backlink building:

  • Directory submissions (free and paid)
  • Article writing & submissions
  • Social bookmarking

Jabulani Pay Per Click Management:

Pay per click campaign management entails the creation of adverts, the choosing and bidding on of keywords, monitoring the success of individual ads and adapting adverts that aren’t performing successfully.

Our PPC management services include:

  • Researching your competitive market and related keywords to determine a pay-per-click strategy
  • Building, optimising and managing your Google AdWords PPC ad campaigns
  • Optimising landing pages to lower the cost per click and increase conversions
  • Integrating ad campaigns with Google Analytics for performance and conversion tracking


Affordable Custom SEM Solutions:

One size does not fit all! Since no two companies are the same, our search engine marketing solutions are mostly custom built based on your budget, requirements and target audience.

Just to give you an idea, on average our custom SEM services start from as low as R2,950 per month, and for those companies looking for fast results, it can go up to R12,000 per month.

We offer once-off deals as well, although we recommend an on-going SEM strategy to help you keep ahead of your competition.

You can also view our SEM packages here if you are looking for an off the shelf solution.

Contact us today to get a obligation free quotation!

#Note: Our SEO services are 100% compliant with Google’s guidelines and will be applied in a 100% ethical manner.

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