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Mobi Websites

The new digital marketing watchword is mobile. It’s not enough for companies to have a web presence they now need to have a mobile presence, which means websites that are designed specifically for mobile phones (smartphones and feature phones) and tablets.

Mobile web design differs from traditional website development in that developers have to consider small screen size, limited scrolling capabilities and browser limitations.

People also use the mobile web differently to how they would use the Internet if they were sitting down in front of their PCs. They don’t have the patience of PC web users in that they won’t wait for long pages to load and they need incredibly easy navigation.

Our mobile development team ensures that all of these requirements are met and that your mobi website is cross-platform compatible for all mobile operating systems across a wide variety of cell phone makes and models.

Mobi sites are no longer a nice-to-have. As mobile phones are always within reach they provide a means to reach out directly to consumers. This is why mobi sites are fast becoming an imperative for companies in South Africa.

QR Codes

A QR or Quick Response code is a two-dimensional barcode. These are often used for adding web links to a printed page. When you scan such a QR bar code using a web cam or mobile phone camera, the QR reader application takes you to a Web site, a YouTube video or some other web content. QR codes are an easy way of sending people to a site without having to type a URL.

Next to being used for linking to share links, QR codes can contain other types of information:

  • A QR code on a business card can contain an electronic version of the contact information. Scan the code and the reader application adds the contact to your address list.
  • A QR code can contain event information. Scan the code on a poster for a concert and the app automatically adds its name, date and location to the agenda on your smartphone or PC.
  • A QR code can contain an SMS with phone number and text. Scan the code and the scanning app lets you automatically participate in some contest to win fabulous prices.
  • A QR code can contain an e-mail message with a subject and message text. That message can be a request for information so that in return you might get a reply email with additional information and attached files.
  • A QR code can contain a geographical location. Scan the code on a poster advertising for a restaurant and its location becomes available to your navigation software, informing you how to get to that place.
  • A QR code can contain WIFI configuration data. Scan the code and your Android device automatically configures itself to use the wireless access at the hotel.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications open the door to a whole new world of commercial opportunity. Rapid developments in global communication networks have transformed mobiles from basic telephones into internet enabled devices capable of delivering all the latest web based services. Whether it is a mobile banking application or a restaurant finder that ties in with Google Maps, we can produce a quality solution that brings your idea to fruition. We approach all projects with a focus on understanding the project requirements and intended applications. By understanding the project objectives, we can leverage our industry experience to help you refine the scope of the application to best suit your market.

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