If you are looking for a professional website design quote there are certain questions our web designers and web developers at Jabulani Design Studio will ask the client before they can give a formal website design quote.

Know your specifications and website requirements when you are asking for a Website Design Quotation
Website design and development can often be compared to building a house. When you would like to build a house you would surely know what your requirements and budget is. You would not go to a developer or builder and ask them to build you a house and ask them to give you a ballpark figure immediately would you?. The same principle applies to website design and development.

In this article I will give you an idea of what a web designer and developer will need to know in order to give you an accurate quotation to design a web site that achieves its goals, and create sales leads converting to more business for a client.

Plan your website
Create your list of requirements what you will need from your website, just like you would when building a house. This is called a website brief that you can give to your website designer and developer. You can do this in a Word Document.

Do your planning thoroughly before asking a web design company for a quote.
What do you want to achieve with your website?
If you cannot answer this question you are not ready to build a website and you should look into this.
A lot of clients focus on how a website would look but forget that there are a sales or business function behind it.

A web designer or web developer will ask you the following important questions:

  1. Who do you think will visit your website?  Who are your potential clients?
  2. What will they be looking for on your particular website?
  3. When will potential clients look for information, services or products that lead them to your site?
  4. Will you like to promote your website on Google?
  5. What is your purpose of creating a website? Why will your visitors trust you? Why will they make use of your services?

Who is your potential clients you would like to target?
You are not targeting the world but a specific type of person who is looking for a specific product or service and also in a specific geographical location such as Pretoria, Johannesburg etc.

What must your visitors do when they visit your website?
You must know what you want your visitors to do when they look at your website. Would you lie them to contact you immediately when they have looked at your services or products?

What are your client’s motivations when they visit your website?
When you know your customers motivation for visiting your website you will know how to meet their needs. Focus on the content which your client will be searching for. Keep it short and simple.

Where will you be marketing your website?
Will you be marketing your website on Google? And if your answer is yes, will you be using Google Adwords?  You should also ask yourself if you would like to market your website on Social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  If your answer is yes, you should ask your web designer to create a custom Facebook page and Twitter page for you and put links to them on your website

Why should a potential client trust the services you promote or the products you sell?
Trust and authenticity is an important factor on your. Trust is established by a number of things. Client Testimonials are an important feature you should put on your website.

Look and feel of your website plus the functions
You should know how your website should look in your mind’s eye and give the website designer a few samples of websites that you like so that he can know what type of design he should work on.
You should also jot down the features so that the web designer what special functions he should quote on.

Examine your competitor websites
Look at your competitor’s websites and see if you can get tips from theirs that you would like to improve on your website. The goal is for your website to be better than your competitors.
If you can give the web design company who you are asking for a Quote all these details you will surely get a realistic Quotation

Phone us right now if you would like a website design quotation and be sure to have your requirements ready. Tel: 012 657 1553012 657 1553
We specialise in Content Management Websites and E-Commerce websites
We can even develop applications should you need an App.

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