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Designing Ads since 1993


Jabulani Design Studio has provided high quality innovative advertising design for businesses of all sizes.

Why do you need to advertise?

  • Brand Recognition
  • Improve Visibility and sales
  • Put yourself on the competitive map
  • Promote services

What Makes Jabulani Design Studio the Right Advertising Designers to choose?

Our award-winning designers will provide you with a unique Ad design that conveys your company message. Whether you are focused on local/regional advertising or on the national/global market, a well-defined presence is the key to additional sales conversions and brand recognition.

Types of Ad Designs Available:

  • Print Advertising
  • Promotional Advertising
  • Internet Advertising
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Website Banners

Our 17 Years Experience

With over a decade of experience, Jabulani Design Studio has created award winning Ads for national companies, such as: Virbac (2 Unique Magazine Ads, promoting Dental Care for Dogs and Cats published in 16 Magazines in South Africa), and more.

Other companies we have worked with:

  • Africa Wild Safaris
  • Afrimix
  • Africon
  • Apex interactive
  • CSS Tirisano
  • Crabtree International
  • Realnet
  • Squabb Technologies
  • Ubuntu Technologies
  • Medical Excellence
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