Jabulani Design Studio was established by Ilse Venter in March 2004 after being in the Corporate World for over 17 years – including working as Assistant Manager in the Communications Division at Alexander Forbes Financial Services. The staff currently consist of three graphic/web designers and one copy writer.

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Equal Opportunities for Employees

Jabulani Design Studio is committed to equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment, including recruitment and selection, terms and conditions of service, promotion and career development and access to training and development.

The values Jabulani Design Studio holds as a company means that we believe we have a particular responsibility to promote diversity in all aspects of our work. We want to help all people develop their talent and businesses.

Bee Status

Jabulani Design Studio have a level 4 Certificate.
We take in interns from all the Tertiary Institutions in South Africa and frequently have students of colour doing their internships with us. Jabulani Design Studio believes in equal opportunities for each individual.