2014 – What’s Hot and what’s not in Graphic design trends

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We have had a look today at the latest graphic design trends being followed worldwide in 2014

  1. Infographics are trending!  Businesses are putting infographics in their marketing material and websites to easily show off their core business. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.
  2. Simplified designs are in –. Flat designs are in instead of designs with drop shadows and gradients. Flat designs will be seen in almost every Marketing material you see this year right over the world. If you want a clean, fresh and updated, look then remove all drop shadows and gradients in your designs. We speak here of Brochure design, catalogue design, Company Profile design etc etc.
  3. Usage of Large images are in – You would need good high quality images. Designs used with big photos should be eye catching and the text should be less.
  4. Handwritten fonts are also hot for 2014. They look excellent both alone and with sans serif styles, and seem to represent the new desire for an authentic, handcrafted and personal feel to designs.
  5. Larger typefaces are to be used in website designs
    More and more people now use mobile phones and tablets and these screens require larger text so it’s legible. You’ll soon notice this change from small, hard-to-read copy to large, easy on the eye copy.
  6. Logos with depth are in!  3D designs are in for Logos this year in contrast with flat design used in web to make the websites load faster.
  7. 3-D printing is HOT and the use of foiling and embossing

As far websites are concerned, improved parallax scrolling is in.

  1. Five to seven seconds of social media videos are in.
    Vine is the new social media platform where you can create your own 7-second film with just a touch of a button. Short videos are HOT for 2014 and it’s all because of this new networking platform called Vine. Whatever your message is you’d better make it short and sweet as you have only 7 seconds to express it
  2. Instagram-style photos
    The Instagram app allows users to apply effects to the photo’s they’ve just taken and upload it straight to the world wide web using twitter as a main outsource. Instagram style photography will become widely used not only on social media but on web design and printed media too.
  3. Hand-drawn vector images
    The ‘authentic’ and ‘hand-crafted’ trend, of hand drawn vectors remind clients that there’s a real graphic designer  behind the design process. Hand crafted vectors designed by a skilled designer will make your Marketing Material go from dull to BRILLIANT and exceptional! Hand drawn vectors will give any brand it’s own style which is unique and different.
  4. The Colour of 2014
    Every year since 2000 Pantone release a ‘Colour of the year’ that expresses what is taking place in the world. This year they’ve chosen Radiant Orchid. This is a purple pinkish colour…  It seems Pantone have chosen a colour to rev up  the creative right side of our brains to get more creative!

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